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Welcome to the Maine Ham Radio Society 

Kids Get On The Air Jan 6!

Do you think your child would get a thrill out of talking on a ham radio with a ham in another country? ARRL Kids Day is January 6 and Phil Duggan, N1EP, is inviting parents to bring their child to try out ham radio at his Milbridge home on that day. They can also watch a demonstration of Morse code communications or one of the new digital modes of operation. You can email N1EP at phil@n1ep.com.

Green Eggs & Ham Radio!


   Want to introduce and inspire some youngsters with ham radio? MHRS will be conducting a Ham Radio Story Hour over-the-air on Saturday, February 17 at 10am. There will be a ham radio operator inside the Milbridge Public Library where there will be kids listening on the radio as another ham from the home base station reads Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss. Afterwards the kids will have the opportunity to talk on the ham radio, and try out a Morse code oscillator! The same program will be held at the Henry D. Moore Library on Thursday, Feb 22 at 10am.  We need help from hams to assist in various ways. Contact N1EP if interested.

Electronics Lab - It’s a Snap!

MHRS and Kidz radioActive are also teaming up to conduct an electronics lab snap-on session at the Milbridge Public Library on Tuesday, February 20 at 1:00pm. Kids ages 7 and up can have fun while learning basic electricity and electronics.

Sweepstakes Social Blast!

joan brian

It was a fun day of radio, great food, and fellowship at the home of N1EP & N1ZPV on Nov 19 for Sweepstakes Social. A test session was also held in the morning and Olin Blodgett was successful in passing both the Technician and General class exams. 

Joan N1NUA, and Brian KC1FXF, had a blast operating the Sweepstakes (SSB) contest using the Poverty Hill ARG callsign W1KMG.

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