Meetings & Nets

The next Maine Ham Radio Society will take place at 2PM at Phil Duggan’s N1EP place 195 Kansas RD, Milbridge, Maine. Topis,: Contesting for Beginners, and Field Day.


1830 (6:30pm) DownEast Information & Emergency Net 146.595 simplex. Net control based out of Milbridge. 

1900 Washington County Amateur Radio Emergency Service 147.330+(PL118.8) W1LH Cooper Mountain Repeater.


1830 (6:30pm) Digital Net Hancock County EMCOMM Repeater 146.910

1900 (7pm) Hancock County EMCOMM Net 146.910- (PL151.4) KB1NEB Repeater in Ellsworth


1900 Ellsworth Amateur Wireless Association on-air-meeting. 147.030+ (PL100) Hull’s Cove W1TU Repeater


0930ish 12-County EMCOMM Net on the KQ1L linked rpeater system. Visit for more info on the system.

HF Nets

M - Sat 1700 (5pm) Maine Seagull Net (traffic net) 3940khz

Sundays 0900 Maine Public Service Net 3940khz

Sundays 1700 Maine Emergency Communications Net 3940khz

M - F 1800 Maine Slow Speed Net (CW traffic net) 3585khjz

M - Sun Pine Tree Net (CW traffic net) 3596khz                                                


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