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Maine Ham Radio Society

ARRL Kids Day Jan 5 -- Visit arrl.org for details!

Try The FM Birds!

Phil, N1EP, gave a presentation on working the amateur radio FM satellites during the November MHRS meeting in Machias. He specifically talked about AO-91, AO-92, and SO-50. Since then a couple club members have been programming their radios and listening to selected passes. Brian KC1FXF recently noted during a weekly simplex net that he was ready to jump in and get his feet wet. Good luck Brian!

You can find more information about the fm birds at amsat.org There are several web pages and apps that help ou track satellites. Heavens-Above website is one of my favorites. If you have a Linux computer, the Gpredeict program also works well.

Jonesport Antenna Farm

Ham radio operators driving through Downeast Maine should take a side trip down RT-187 in Jonesport and check out the humungus amateur radio antenna farm that was recently erected. K1LZ remote operates the many stacked yagis and phased arrays from his QTH in Massachusetts. He reportedly recently won a 160 meter contest using the impressive system.

Jerry N1QLL, suggests looking up K1LZ on QRZ.COM to check out the avid contester/DXer and his many impressive achievements!

Maine Bicentennial Special Event

Maine's 200th birthday is approching and the Wireless Society of Southern Maine is sponsoring a special event in March to commemmorate the milestone. Operators are needed in the nine original counties, including Washington County.

Phil, N1EP will be forward a sign up schedule to MHRS members who want to operate as W1W using voice, cw, or digital during the event period. More information is coming soon!

Tim KB1HNZ wrote in an email, "You'll be able to operate anywhere from 160-10 meters, plus 6m, 2m, and 70cm, and the modes include phone, CW, and digital. We recommend that you use electronic logging and send the logs in ADIF format to this address when you're done. Use the signup sheet to select which band slots you'd like to operate, and we just ask that if band conditions require you to change, which is possible, just check the signup sheet before jumping bands to make sure no one else is operating in the band slot. "

MHRS members wishing to participate and operate as W1W should contact Phil N1EP and he will forward the signup link.