Meetings & Nets

The next Maine Ham Radio Society will take place at 5:00pm on Saturday, January 27 at the Bluebird Ranch Restaurant in Machias, ME. Come enjoy a delicious supper from the menu and learn about upcoming ham radio events in the area.  RSVP so enough tables can be arranged. 

Below is a Google map to the restaurant.


Sundays Projects

The Ellsworth Amateur Wireless Association has scheduled Sunday projects sessions again for the winter months.  Between noon and 1500 or 1600 hams and people interested in radio can work on various projects or get help solving technoical problems such as programming radios, etc. The sessions are held at Meadow View Apartments Phase IV Dining Hall 25 Tweedie Lane in Ellsworth. 



1830 (6:30pm) DownEast Information & Emergency Net 146.595 simplex. Net control based out of Milbridge. 

1900 Washington County Amateur Radio Emergency Service 147.330+(PL118.8) W1LH Cooper Mountain Repeater.


1830 (6:30pm) Digital Net Hancock County EMCOMM Repeater 146.910

1900 (7pm) Hancock County EMCOMM Net 146.910- (PL151.4) KB1NEB Repeater in Ellsworth


1900 Ellsworth Amateur Wireless Association on-air-meeting. 147.030+ (PL100) Hull’s Cove W1TU Repeater


0930ish 12-County EMCOMM Net on the KQ1L linked rpeater system. Visit for more info on the system.

HF Nets

M - Sat 1700 (5pm) Maine Seagull Net (traffic net) 3940khz

Sundays 0900 Maine Public Service Net 3940khz

Sundays 1700 Maine Emergency Communications Net 3940khz

M - F 1800 Maine Slow Speed Net (CW traffic net) 3585khjz

M - Sun Pine Tree Net (CW traffic net) 3596khz                                                

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